Community Integration / Adult Day Services

MRSI's Community Integration and Adult Day Services are individually tailored to meet the needs of each person served. As with all programs offered at MRSI, consumer choice is the primary consideration and personal growth the goal.

Community Integration and Adult Day Services consists of meaningful daytime activities that span a broad range from activities of daily living (ADL), maintaining or improving flexibility/mobility/strength, sensory stimulation, communication, socialization, recreation/leisure, behavior management, and quality access to the community. MRSI promotes the use of technology and assistive devices throughout our center where individuals can surf the net, e-mail, or use any number of specialized programs. Adult Day Services are also tailored for older individuals seeking a more relaxed environment.

Functional Challenges Addressed:

Community Employment Services

For people who desire employment, MRSI's Community Employment Services provides job development, training, placement and employment supports. An extensive network of potential employers has been developed to assure a variety of employment opportunities. All placements are in mainstream settings to maximize community integration. In addition, the organization has a strong relationship with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

Services Include:

Community Housing Services

MRSI's Community Housing Services enables persons served to reside in attractive homes and individual apartments integrated throughout the community. Supervised and supported services ensure a healthy environment while providing for privacy, personal security, self-sufficiency, and exercise of choice. Life skills such as self-care, housekeeping, meal preparation, and utilization of community resources are developed on a daily basis. Independence is advanced through training in communication, self advocacy, financial management, and decision making.

Community Housing Services identify a variety of living environments available in the community, and those choices are communicated to each individual served. Direct Support Professionals assist persons served so they may reside in the most independent and/or least restrictive environment available in which their needs and desires can be met. Each person's living environment is evaluated for appropriateness at least semiannually, and individually tailored support services reflect their needs and desires. Assistive technology and related equipment are available, as appropriate to their needs and preferences, within the concept of reasonable accommodation.

Supported Living Services

MRSI's Supported Living Services provides assistance to individuals enabling them to maximize and maintain their independence and self-direction while adhering to the mission and vision statements. Staff members are available as needed and are present on a planned, periodic basis to offer assistance and support, but not direct supervision, in the homes in which individuals live.

Some of the training provided by the MRSI Supported Living Staff includes: